RJ Cranberry Crisp Energy Bar Mix (makes 25 bars!)

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This bar has a light fruity flavour with a light crisp. 
Enjoy the cost-savings and satisfaction of making your own whole food energy bars in 3 easy steps:
1) Add mix to warm honey & peanut butter 2) Mix & press into pan 3) Chill, cut and serve! (experiment with a light bake for a slight crunch, 20 minutes at 300 degrees)
Makes 25 bars
Mostly Sugar-Free*
Mostly Organic Ingredients
Dried cranberries (sunflower oil, sugar dusting), raw organic sesame seeds, raw organic pumpkin seeds, organic coconut, gluten-free brown rice crisps (rice flower, rice bran, rosemary extract), raw organic sunflower seeds, tapioca starch.
*There is a small amount of sugar added to the cranberries by the manufacturer (to preserve moisture and freshness). Also, honey is a natural sugar which will be present when added to the mix for binding and flavour.

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Armande Jones 2019 Jul 27th

cranberry crisp energy bar

Delicious product, very easy to make.

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