RJ Coconut Curry Meal Mix (feeds 4-6 people!)

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Whether you need a simple meal solution after a hard days’ work, or want to impress your dinner guests with your prowess in the kitchen, the Raising John Rijsttafel curry meal will have you coming back for seconds.
Home Made Easy: Simmer for 45 minutes, add a can of coconut milk, & serve!
All you need is water & coconut milk. Serve with rice, or pour on vegetabes as a delicious sauce, serve with protein like chicken, lamb or grilled shrimp, or eat alone! The options are almost endless!
Serves 4-6
Mostly organic ingredients
What is Risttafel you ask? Risttafel is a dutch word meaning ‘rice table’. It was inspired by the Indonesian meal Nasi Padang, a traditional Sumatran meal where many different condiments and dishes are served alongside steamed rice. 
We have adapted the Rijsttafel concept and present it to you with a flourish of colour, texture, and flavour. 
Our version of this meal is Vegan. However, it can be supplemented with grilled chicken, tiger prawns or any other enhancements that inspire you. To add a sweet hint of the tropics to your rijsttafel meal, lightly fry some banana in butter or coconut oil and serve as a condiment.
This meal flavourful but not spicy.

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